Glide with felt (LH)

A glide with felt. Attached to a wooden frame with nail to avoid scratching the floor.
Two different models: one with a self-adhesive felt pad and one with embedded felt

*= embedded felt

Material: LD-PE
Colors: natural
Felt: white (LH-22 and LH-25), grey in the models with embedded felt

liukunasta huovalla
liukunasta huovalla
Code Product name A B Felt Nail
XX1661 LH-21 21,5 4,5 Ø 17x3 1,5x16 mm
XX1663 LH-25 25 4,5 Ø 20x3 1,5x16 mm
* XX1665 LH-18 18 7 Ø 15x6 1,5x16 mm
* XX4933 LH-18 with 3,5mm 18 7 Ø 15x6 1,5x16 mm
* XX1667 LH-21 21 7 Ø 17x6 1,5x16 mm
* XX1669 LH-25 25 7 Ø 20x6 1,5x16 mm